The Oaktree guesthouse (now Guest House Oaktree) is now under new management. We are focusing on resuscitating the gardens, caring to business guests and in making the environment safe and tranquil. We therefore, in the interest of everyone living in the premises, require your support to the following minimum rules:

  • In the interest of security, please lock your doors daily as you leave (do not forget to close the entrance gate). 
  • There will be prepaid electricity meters installed and utilised by each tenant for their electricity consumption and there is a minimum stay of 2 nights upon payment.
  • The Wi-Fi services will be included in the monthly rental charges. We kindly request that no oversized files or photos be downloaded as this will compromise the speed as well as the ability to offer this service. 
  • Oaktree guesthouse is a strictly non-smoking and drug free zone. Please smoke outside the premises and make use of your ashtrays. We also recommend switching to South African legal, medically issued cannabis for positive health and cancer benefits. No throwing of cigarette buds in plants/ pots etc. If caught smoking in the rooms a R500.00 penalty fee will be charged. No smoking from windows. 
  • Please consider fellow guests and neighbours and keep the noise levels down. We need to really emphasize that we cannot accept a group ‘taking over the place’, being noisy, partying and being a nuisance to the guests. 
  • We have 5 onsite parking spots for the 6 units. Each unit is allowed to use one parking bay. When full, cars can be parked outside the gate where possible. Although it is a safe area, we always advise guests to take all their valuables out of their cars. Oaktree guesthouse will not be held responsible for any loss/ damage/ break-ins or fines related to cars of guests. 
  • The units will be serviced/cleaned once a week. This fee will be incorporated into the rental however stays longer than 3 days attract a mandatory servicing fee per point 9 below. 
  • Please refrain from hanging wet towels and clothing over the beds. Hooks have been provided in the bathrooms.
  • Laundry services shall be provided at a fee of R250 per basket and R250 for ironing. Oaktree is not responsible for loss or damage to clothes. If colours require separate washing, please ask housekeeping @ Oaktree and hand in separated.
  • We do not allow own washing in for instance (bathroom) wash basins and hanging of washing around in the garden. The aesthetics of the area should remain beautiful as this is a guest house.
  • We aim to promote sustainability in tourism and any staff member will provide guidance on how to be of good cheer to others at any time.
  • Own ironing (on beds) is not allowed. 
  • Our kitchen area must stay a tranquil, clean and a peaceful area. As the en suite rooms are right next to the kitchen, food smells and noises easily ‘move’ to the private rooms. We trust that you take all the above into consideration and also switch on the extractor when making use of the kitchen. 
  • Oaktree is not responsible for any damage, lost or stolen personal belongings. Each private ensuite room is equipped with a safe.
  • The dustbins have been provided for your convenience. Please keep the area neat as these are only collected once per week. Unfortunately too much trash should be disposed of elsewhere as the City only collects the trash in the bins. Boxes and plastics should not be put around the trash area but inside the 3 bins provided.
  • Please note that rentals are payable in advance on a monthly basis into the Investec business account. A deposit equal to a monthly rental amount will be kept in the Trust account.  This will be used to safeguard damages to the unit. 
  • The monthly rent is payable to the following account: Qoco Trust, Investec Bank Account: 10012424029 branch 580105
  • At the moment we have water restrictions in South Africa. We therefore ask all our guests to take this into consideration and don’t let taps run unnecessary. Please take 2 min showers. 
  • Permanent guests are not allowed into the premises. They are a risk to all the tenants in the premises.
  • The following rates will apply to monthly serviced rooms. These will include monthly WiFi and will exclude electricity consumption that will be billed separately by an independent service provider. The gas bottles will be provided but will be refilled by the tenants at their own cost.
    • 2 bed facility R15 000 
    • 1 bed facility R11 000 
    • Studio facility R8 500

For any questions please feel free to contact us on our website.

We hope you will enjoy your stay at Guest House Oaktree.

By order, Guest House Oaktree Administration, July 2022